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Best Indian Restaurant in Dubai With Catering Services Dubai

Kebab Bistro (the best Indian Restaurant In Dubai) is a meeting point where flavors from around the world intertwine with a special touch of Indian Desi Food.

The restaurant is one of a kind with an exceptional combination of cultural Parsi cuisine and a love of Indian food.

At Kebab Bistro, the food is delicious, the laughter contagious and the staff welcoming. It offers an unforgettable dining experience with delicious food and a vibrant atmosphere. All in all, Kebab Bistro is the perfect restaurant for Indian food or Parsi cuisine.
Kebab Bistro also offers the best catering services Dubai for:

Catering services Dubai for Corporate events

Providing lunch to employees fosters a wide range of benefits for a business, including increased productivity. Plain and simple, fed employees are happy employees. At Kebab Bistro Catering company in Dubai, we offer a wide range of menu options to feed your staff. Whether it’s a small office luncheon or a large corporate event with a meal served for 3,000 guests, we are prepared to meet any of your organization’s food and service needs. Contact us today to customize a menu for your next company event.

Private parties

In your own home or at a local venue, Kebab Bistro’s catering team will create delicious food using the finest ingredients, freshly sourced, prepared, and cooked by our highly-skilled chefs and served by our experienced and efficient staff.

From a small family gathering to a gourmet lunch for 3000, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the event knowing that the Kebab Bistro team is firmly in control of the rest.

Special occasions

No one understands the sheer weight and once-in-a-lifetime excitement of planning your special occasions as a Kebab Bistro. Whether you choose to have it in an exclusive venue or at home, our team of specialists will create a unique menu that reflects your taste and style. We accept the privilege of helping you plan every important event you want to celebrate.

Kebab Bistro Catering has perfected the Dum Pukht style of cooking, where food is cooked over low heat, sealing in natural flavors. The fragrant aroma, effervescent flavors, and the presence of exotic ingredients like saffron and cardamom invite a repeat of culinary masterpieces that are a true appreciation of the finer things in life.

Why Choose Kebab Bistro The experience

We unabashedly pride ourselves on the presence of our culinary experts, who are descendants of the chefs who presided over Mughal kitchens, allowing them to do justice and preserve the authenticity of the incredible dishes they recreate, using 200-year-old recipes.


High standards of food hygiene and quality take center stage at Kebab Bistro. With HACCP and ISO 9001 certifications, you can enjoy our kitchen without worries.

The awards

Over the years, our commitment to great food and excellent service has earned rave reviews from leading food critics, along with several accolades to our name. What’s On’s Two Black Hats, Masala’s ‘Best Asian Restaurant’, and the prestigious Khaleej Times award to name a few.

Kebab Bistro is inspired by the Mughal passion for fine dining and exquisite cuisine, allowing you to experience royalty in its modern guise like never before. We cater for all occasions, from corporate business luncheons to parties, client entertainment, engagement parties, weddings, birthday and anniversary celebrations, etc. We tailor our menus to his specific requirements and strive to provide him with the highest level of service and food.

We bring you a culinary legacy that was honed over three centuries of Mughal rule and would forever change Indian cuisine. The Mughals lived life in opulence, and their eating habits reflected this. Her food was rich and complex, made with spices, nuts, and dried fruits that filled the room with an explosion of aromatic flavors. Milk, cream, ghee, and butter were used to thicken and enrich their delicious creations.

For the complete satisfaction of our esteemed clients, we make sure that everything goes perfectly, on time, and within budget.


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